The EP Neutrino group works in close collaboration with the Project Leader of the Neutrino Platform. Its main tasks are:

  • Act as focal point for the activities of the accelerator-based experimental neutrino community in Europe, in close connection also with the activity in the TH Department.
  • Participate in accelerator-based neutrino projects in Japan and in the US, with activities including: simulation studies of planned experiments, in particular those supported by the Neutrino Platform (both short- and long-baseline) with the aim of optimising their physics potential;  development of reconstruction techniques (e.g. for data from liquid-argon TPC’s) in preparation for their physics exploitation;  engagement in physics studies of measurements that can be performed in these experiments.
  • Contribute to the analyses of test-beam data from detector prototypes tested at the Neutrino Platform.
  • Organize workshops to bring the community together, in close collaboration with the CERN TH neutrino group.
  • Coordinate contributions from EP-NU and other EP groups, such as the support groups (DT, ESE, SFT), to the Neutrino Platform projects. Each activity shall be defined in a work package containing a reasonably detailed description of the work, as well as a clear definition of the deliverables. The resources required for the execution of the work packages (both for material and personnel) shall be reported in detail; they are accounted for in the Neutrino Platform budget line of the MTP.
  • Coordinate, together with the Project Leader of the Neutrino Platform, CERN’s participation in those experiments that CERN joins as a collaborating institute (currently ICARUS and DUNE).  CERN will be represented in the collaboration’s governing bodies by a member of the EP group, the Project Leader of the Neutrino Platform, or both, depending on the nature of the body.
Group/section Leader
EP-NU Neutrino Group A. De Roeck