Scientific Committees, Schools and Meetings


The section provides administrative and secretarial support for the organization of Scientific Committees, Schools of Physics and Meetings.

Scientific Committees Secretariat

The Secretariat is in charge of organizing the meetings of all CERN Scientific Committees (website) and their subordinate bodies. It provides assistance to their Chairs, Scientific Secretaries and members. It co-ordinates the preparation and distribution of all documents related to the meetings, including Agenda, Minutes, Proposals, Letters of Intent, TDRs and Status Reports. Copies of all documents related to the committees can be found at 3/R-014, or requested via e-mail.


CERN Schools of Physics

The European School of High Energy Physics (website)

This School is organised jointly each year together with JINR. The European School is targeted particularly at students in experimental High Energy Physics who are in the final years of work towards their PhD's. Demand for attendance at the European Schools exceeds the number of available places, so a competitive selection is made. Preference is given to students who have connections with CERN and JINR Member States.

The Latin-American School of High Energy Physics (website)

The School, which is held every two years in odd-numbered years, is intended mainly for young physicists from Latin America preparing a PhD in High Energy Physics, or engaged in post-doctoral work, but it is open to participants from other regions. The target audience is young physicists working on experimental High Energy Physics, and phenomenologists working on related topics.

The Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High Energy Physics (website)

This is a new series of Schools being held in the Asia-Pacific region every two years, in even-numbered years. It caters to students at a similar level to the European School of High Energy Physics, and the Latin-American School of High Energy Physics. The international organisers of the School include representatives from Australia, CERN, China, France, Germany (DESY), India, Japan, Pakistan, Korea, Russia and Taiwan. Applications are primarily invited from students from countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, though applications from other regions may also be accepted.

The CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer Schools (website)
These annual Hadron Collider Physics Summer Schools are targeted particularly at young postdocs and senior PhD students working towards the completion of their thesis project, in both experimental High Energy Physics (HEP) and phenomenology. They are organized alternatively by CERN and Fermilab.


Workshops - Seminars - Conferences

The Section also organises (or helps organising) CERN-wide events at the request of the Director for Research and Computing and/or the Director-General, as well as some specific to the EP Department.