Safety Training Course: Electrical Authorisation - Firefighters
First session of the specific Safety training course 'Electrical Authorisation' for CERN's firefighters. (Image: CERN)


The EP-TH Safety Office acts on behalf of its Department Head to ensure that all the departmental and experimental activities are compliant with the CERN safety rules and regulations.

The objective of the safety team is to ensure that everyone can work safely at CERN, with the assistance of Specialist Safety Officers (electrical, mechanical, radiation, laser, flammable gases, ...), Experimental Safety Officers (EXSO), Territorial Safety Officer (TSO).

The EP-TH Safety Office provides all necessary support, advice and information to the whole department in order to reduce the accident rate and hazardous situations in close collaboration with CERN HSE Unit, other CERN departments and collaboration Institutes.

“The objectives of the Organization's Safety Policy are to ensure the best possible protection in health and safety matters of all persons, irrespective of their status, participating in the Organization's activities or present on its site, as well as of the population living in the vicinity of its installations; to limit the impact of the Organization's activities on the environment, and to guarantee the use of best practice in matters of Safety (CERN's Safety Policy) […]”.

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