The SME (small and medium-sized experiments) group in the EP department regroups all physics experiments using AD, ISOLDE, PS and SPS beams, as well as experiments not requiring beam.

A wide range of physics topics is covered by the experimental efforts inside the SME group: from measurements of rare kaon decays (NA62) to probing the proton with leptons and hadrons (COMPASS) to a wide range of nuclear, biological, astrophysical and precision measurements (ISOLDE) to experiments testing fundamental symmetries with antimatter (AD) to studies of cloud formation processes (CLOUD) to searches for axions and other candidates for dark matter (CAST).


Group / section Leader
EP-SME Small and Medium Experiments A. Ceccucci
  EP-SME-62 NA62 Experiment A. Ceccucci
  EP-SME-A6 AD6 Experiment M. Doser
  EP-SME-CA CAST Experiment W. Funk
  EP-SME-CL CLOUD Experiment A. Onnela
  EP-SME-CO COMPASS Experiment G. Mallot
  EP-SME-IS ISOLDE Physics S. Freeman