lhcb-logo LHCb, the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment, searches for new forces and particles by measuring with unprecedented precision the decays of particles containing beauty quarks, charm quarks and their antimatter equivalents.

Designed for precision measurements of CP violation and rare decays in the heavy flavour sector, LHCb is contributing to the understanding on why our universe appears to be composed almost entirely of matter but not antimatter. The unprecedented datasets of beauty and charm hadron decays that are being collected and reconstructed by the LHCb experiment over the next decade are providing an extraordinarily sensitive probe of new physics beyond the Standard Model, which is a manner entirely complementary to the direct search programme of the LHC general purpose detectors.


Group / section Leader
CERN Team Leader   M. Cattaneo
EP-LBC LHCb Computing Group C. Gaspar
EP-LBD LHCb Detector Group F. Teubert
EP-LBO LHCb Coordinators Office Group M. Cattaneo
  EP-LBO-DO Detector Operation Section E. Thomas