ATLAS and CMS physics results from Run 2
Special CERN-LHC Seminar on Tuesday 15th of December 2015 in the Main Auditorium presenting ATLAS and CMS physics results from Run 2. (Image: CERN)

Administration & Services

Administration & Services

The mission of the Administration and General Services (EP-AGS) group is to support the management of the Experimental Physics Department, to coordinate and provide a large range of professional services to its community including its Users, and to the Theoretical Physics Department (TH), the Scientific Library and other scientific projects attached to the Director for Research and Computing (RCS).

Our responsibilities and tasks include:

- welcome, integration, administrative and logistic support to MPE and MPA;
- administration, budget planning, recruitments and selection committees, database management and data privacy protection, training and logistic solutions;
- administrative support and organisation of the meetings of the CERN Scientific Committees, administrative and logistic support to the CERN Schools of Physics;
- coordination of the implementation of the Data Privacy Protection (OC11) within our Department and the RCS Unit.

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