The ATTRACT initiative

The EP department encourages physicists and engineers to consider the opportunity of applying for funding for groundbreaking ideas via the ATTRACT open call.  ATTRACT funds innovative projects in the fields of detectors and imaging devices, including their electronics and software. 

More information can be found on the ATTRACT webpage Note that the focus is on ideas with breakthrough potential rather than incremental improvement, and with possible industrial applications that would benefit society.

CERN staff should use the CERN EU-portal on EDH, which includes an ATTRACT template. This is the same as the submission form on the actual ATTRACT web site, with the addition of an internal CERN activity matrix (for information)

The internal submission deadline for applications from CERN is September 17, 2018. The submitted version will be assessed by a CERN ATTRACT working group.  Based on the feedback of the working group and subsequent approval by the Department Head, submitters can continue to work on their proposal until the ATTRACT submission deadline at the end of October.

Prior to the internal submission, EP staff who intend to submit a proposal or participate to a proposal as a partner should get in touch with Christian Joram and Christoph Rembser, to clarify a number of aspects related to the use of CERN resources. (This discussion is not intended to be a scientific pre-evaluation of the proposal.)  

The set of questions to be addressed are

  • What is the connection of your idea to CERN, and its research programme?
  • Which fraction of your working time will the project require?
  • Which CERN resources (e.g. technical support, lab and office space) will your project require?
  • Who are your partners (CERN colleagues, institutes, companies)? Keep in mind that submitting an ATTRACT proposal requires at least one outside partner.
  • How would you plan to use ATTRACT funding?

Apart from providing answers to practical questions, we may also help to bring you in contact with proponents in the department who plan to submit similar or related proposals.


We are available every Friday from 16:00 in 4-1-007. Please contact us to make an appointment.,



  • Which fraction of my working time can I use for my ATTRACT project?

Unless the ATTRACT project largely overlaps with your normal activity, we would consider 10-15% to be an upper limit. 

  • Do I need to inform my line management?

Yes, your line management (section leader, group leader) must be informed prior to the internal submission.

  • I’m a holder of an LD contract? Can I submit an ATTRACT proposal ?

Yes, as long as you your does not expire before the start of the funding period (i.e May 2019).

  • I’m a fellow. Can I submit an ATTRACT proposal?

Only CERN staff are eligible to submit ATTRACT proposals. Fellows or students with good ideas should discuss with their supervisor and/or another staff member to find someone to act as project leader for their proposal.

  • I am an associate or user. Can I submit my proposal through CERN?

Submissions through CERN are reserved for CERN staff. Associates and users should submit through their home institutes. However, if your proposal relies on CERN resources (engineering or technical support) or the use of facilities (e.g. irradiation tests), please get in touch with us.    

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